44 John Street
New York, New York

Preparing NYC for Energy and Climate Uncertainty
Daniel Lerch, Post Carbon Institute

Author of Post Carbon Cities: A Guidebook on Peak Oil and Global Warming
Is NYC prepared for global warming and peak oil?

What will happen to the local economy when oil reaches $150 a barrel?

How will global warming affect the regional water supply?

How should we plan for transportation, land use, and public safety
while facing huge uncertainties about energy and climate?

You'll learn:

...how peak oil and global warming and creating new challenges of
uncertainty for all cities.

...how "early actor" cities in the U.S. and Canada have already
started already responding.

...what immediate steps NYC should take.

...what's important for long-term planning.


Daniel Lerch is the author of "Post Carbon Cities," the first major
municipal guidebook on peak oil and global warming. Mr. Lerch is a
program manager with Post Carbon Institute and has worked on urban
planning issues for over ten years in the public, private and
non-profit sectors. While a Policy Associate at Metro, the regional
government of the Portland, Oregon area, he authored one of the first
local government policy assessments of peak oil. He also co-founded
The City Repair Project, an award-winning non-profit organization
working on community public space issues. Mr. Lerch has a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies from Rutgers University in New Jersey and a
Master of Urban Studies from Portland State University in Oregon.

Sierra Club NYC Group adapts Mr. Lerch's analysis to NYC in its report
on local energy and transportation policy, "Moving NYC Toward
Sustainable Energy Independence." For the report, and for more
information about Daniel Lerch's New York speaking engagements:

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