2750 Sloat Blvd
San Francisco, California

An annual San Francisco tradition occurs at this time of the year, when the last stand of sidewalk fir trees is logged by the Friends of the Rootless Forest and then piled up on the beach for some very rapid composting.

Saturday, January 5th, meet at the Carousel Diner, 2750 Sloat Blvd at 7:00 PM. Look for the giant Doghead in the middle of the street.

We’ll hang out for half an hour and then head west, using caution, stealth and tom-foolery to avoid the white tiger that prowls the Great Highway.

Bring a christmas tree and libations. No glass containers on the beach, you assume the risk, no one is in charge, your mileage may very. And for those who are infused with gift-giving guilt and holiday cheer, carbon credits can be purchased to offset the footprint of our dedication to christmas consumption.

Official Website: http://laughingsquid.com/squidlist/events/index.php?com=detail&eID=174066

Added by junesix on December 31, 2007



And bring foul weather gear?


Soaked trees don't make good fires.. Shall we push it to next Sat?


yeah. let's do it next weekend. i've got the flu. but would like to come.


i emailed danger ranger to see if he had a backup plan. haven't heard anything yet.


He posted this on the Laughing Squid site:
Since 1991, the Post Yule Pyre has endured high winds, heavy rains, rising tides and flashing red lights. One of the most memorable burns was during a driving rainstorm. The blaze turned the rain to steam, participants rotated round and round staying warm, clothing drying on one side and getting wet on the other, everyone huddled together with an ecstatic gleam in their eyes. Its that moment when you know what its like to be really alive.


anyone else go? i showed up at 7:45 for about five minutes. too wet for me. but i was impressed at the size of the burn, despite there being not much beach left.


There were about fifty people, I think. And only a few got pulled away by the waves. It was rad.