2699 Sloat Blvd
San Francisco, California

An annual San Francisco tradition continues this time of the year in the face of increasing odds; when the last stand of sidewalk fir trees is logged by the Friends of the Rootless Forest and then piled up on the beach for some very rapid composting.

Saturday, January 7th. Meet at the giant Doghead (which now stands in the middle of the street) at 2699 Sloat Blvd at 7:30 PM.

We'll hang out for half an hour and then head west when the coast is clear. Bring a christmas tree and libations. No glass containers on the beach, you assume the risk, no one is in charge, your mileage may vary.

Added by eddie on January 5, 2006



My family (parents, grandparents, 10-year-old brother) is in town visiting from Florida. If they have warm clothes and are feeling adventurous, I think I might bring them along to get a taste of January fun SF-style.


I think I'm going to this. I'll have to ask David what the plan is.


It will be my seventh year in a row going to this. I do my best to never miss it. Love to watch those trees burn!


I'm brining my drum, let's drummmmmm