424 Haight St
San Francisco, California 94117

Andy needs some time off from coding. Andy needs some dancing. You need to join Andy in celebrating his 7765th day of having two feet by dancing your ass off with him over at Club Future this Thursday, post-Metric at Slim's.


A few people I know run the place -- including these cuties -- and it is sure to be a blast. They're big into great dance music (electro / indie / synth) and robots too. I hear if you get there early there will even be a lego building competition.

It's a small place, Underground SF, on Haight near Fillmore. Bring the love since I never get to see any of you folk nowadays.

Added by termie on November 1, 2005



Damn. I have the TMBG show that night... don't think I can make it.


courtney, i probably won't be getting there until later anyway as I've got a show to go to beforehand, too.


oooh TMBG! I almost forgot about that... :D


Can I sleep at your place?


For some of this, it's a school night ;)

I'll see if I can swing by after the show.


Fenchurch, of course.


Real post. Andy's a sucka!!!


I'll be working. =(

Have fun y'all! Better not dance *all* that ass off, otherwise I won't have anything to spank at the DevHouse. =P