200 Longcao Rd, #100 1F
Shanghai, Shanghai

[color=blue]Dance With Blue Garden
Time:2006/08/11 21:00
Venue:YuYinTang Warehouse, No.100, 200 LongCao Rd, 6436 0072
Ticket:30(buy at entrance)[/color]


Founded in 2001, Blue Garden is one of the most successful bands in Shanghai. They song "Alone" topped Shanghai Original Song Billboard in 02 and got another song released by Warner in 03. This year, the band was invited to join the movie shooting with Chinese popular actoress Zhang Bai Zhi & Super Girl Zhou Bi Chang. The name of the movie is: The 101th Call, which will be release in Aug. 06.

They are natrual, pure and sentimental. Let's join them on the night of Aug.11th to dance with the handsome and versatile Blue Garden.
[img]http://www.yuyintang.com/images/Image/yg/Blue%20Garden/BlueGarden8.jpg[/img] :D

Added by YuYinTang on August 3, 2006



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