200 Second Avenue North
Seattle, Washington 98109

On February 17th, Infinite Connections is excited to bring together IOSIS Art Party, Breaks & Freaks, Uniting Souls and Decibel festival for the fourth in a series of epic proportions… Kinetic 2


Celebrating their 2 year Anniversary: IOSIS Art Party Insect Trance: Ace Ventura (Iboga Records – Israel - LIVE SET!)
Uniting Souls Animal House: JT Donaldson (Om / Gallery Music - SF)
Breaks & Freaks Science Playground: The Flashbulb (Sublight Records - Chicago - LIVE SET!)
Decibel Downtempo Dinosaur: SHUTTLE 358 (12k, Mille Plateaux – NY - LIVE SET!)

with Art Displays by:
Justin Hillgrove http://www.impsandmonsters.com/
Mike Capp http://www.mikecappart.com
Ego http://www.odeum.org
Tippet AKA Anton Bomb

--Art available for purchase--

Music - Art - Exhibits - Lights - Visuals
Progressive - Drum’n’Bass - House - Dubstep - Ambient
Breaks - Psytrance - Downtempo – Breakcore
Butterflies - Planetarium - Dinosaurs - Science - Animals
Coat Check - Vendors - CDs - Art Prints

Find out how to become a Sponsor - http://www.infiniteconnections.org/Kinetic_2_Sponsorship

Infinite Connections welcomes vendors to share their creations. We are looking for all kinds of crafts, services and wares to join us at Kinetic 2. If you are interested, please e-mail vendors [at] infiniteconnections.org.

If you want to know what to expect, read the reviews of Magnetic II: http://nwtekno.org/vb/showthread.php?threadid=106959

@ Pacific Science Center
200 2nd Ave N. Seattle, WA 98109.
9pm - 4am

Tickets are $45 VIP and $21 presale at:

$45 VIP will get you expedited entrance to the event, expedited bar line, complimentary coat check, and a gift bag full of surprises including CDs, stickers and more. Limited tickets so purchase soon!

18+ are welcome, 21+ w/ID bar
Bar brought to you by:
The Space Virgin Arts Collective started as a Seattle-based Burning Man theme camp in 1994, but we have since grown to include off-playa art projects and events. In keeping with the Burning Man philosophy "no observers, only participants", our art is often interactive and experiential, plunging participants into theatrical-style sets and engendering joyful, transformative experiences. We are an eclectic group with diverse talents, and we believe that artists and their friends develop strong, supportive relationships by working together on large scale projects, educating each other with their unique skills, and sharing resources. Our art projects, events and other endeavors are run entirely by our volunteer members and friends. http://www.spacevirgin.org

IOSIS Art Party Insect Trance:
Ace Ventura (Iboga Records – Israel - LIVE SET!) http://www.iboga.dk
Osiris Indriya(Iboga Records, Oracle Gatherings, IOSIS Art Party - SEA) http://www.osirisindriya.com
Amanita (IOSIS Art Party - Seattle) http://iosis.tribe.net/; http://www.myspace.com/iosisartparty
David Justin (Psybooty Records - SF) http://www.psybooty.com
*Christine* (Vaporvent Records – CA) http://www.vaporvent.com/

Visuals by: Seizure Labs http://www.seizurelab.com/

Uniting Souls Animal House:
JT Donaldson (Om / Gallery Music - SF)
Jon Lemmon (Uniting Souls Music - Seattle) http://www.unitingsouls.com
Ramiro (Uniting Souls – SEA) http://www.unitingsouls.com
DJ Mercedes (PDX) http://www.myspace.com/ladycubana
Manos (Uniting Souls - SEA) http://www.myspace.com/djmanos

Lights by: Kelcema Productions http://www.kelcema.biz/

Breaks & Freaks Playground:
PURE Cirkus http://www.purecirkus.com
The Flashbulb (Sublight Records - Chicago - LIVE SET!) http://www.theflashbulb.net
Derek Fisher and the perfect cyn (SexyRobotMusic - PDX) http://www.sexyrobotmusic.com
Mendicants (SEA) http://www.mendicants.org/
Basilik (SEA)

Visuals by: Yuba Foxfire http://www.foxfire.name/yuba

Decibel Minimal Dinosaur:
SHUTTLE 358 (12k, Mille Plateaux – NY - LIVE SET!) http://www.12k.com/shuttle358.html
Logic Probe (Paint, Dustortion Records – SEA - LIVE SET!) http://www.dustortion.com
Kris Moon (Decibel Festival, Laptop Battle - SEA - LIVE SET!) http://www.laptopbattle.org
Nordic Soul (Decibel/Dreaming in Stereo/K Records/Buttermilk - SEA) http://www.dbfestival.com
Greg Skidmore (PG Series, Oscillate - SEA)

Sound by:
LUCID Audio http://www.infiniteconnections.org/lucid_audio
Kelcema Productions http://www.kelcema.biz/

Graphic design by: Osiris Indriya – http://www.osirisindriya.com/design
Art Curator: Teresa Payne - Intense Payne


Rooms brought to you by:

Uniting Souls specializes in creating world-class events designed to build community through musical and creative statement. Founded by Ramiro Gutierrez and Michael Tello, Uniting Souls originated in San Francisco in 1997. Since then, the organization expanded to Los Angeles and Seattle. http://www.unitingsouls.com

Like the final stage in Alchemy, IOSIS Art Parties blend together the power of different worlds and transforms them into something new. Pulsating beats, inspirational sights, scrumptious treats, and visions through light… put them all together and you get IOSIS Art Party the finest international trance music and visual art. http://iosis.tribe.net/; http://www.myspace.com/iosisartparty

Decibel has been showcasing the incredible diversity of electronic music and digital media through events and festivals. Decibel Festival promises to offer something for everyone regardless of prior knowledge or experience with electronic music. http://www.dbfestival.com

BREAKS & FREAKS where the best West Coast Breakbeat DJs and producers go head to head with real circus freaks, clowns, acrobats, and fire performers to create as much mayhem as possible. http://tribes.tribe.net/breaksfreaks/

Kinetic 2 is a production of:
Infinite Connections is a multifaceted company specializing in Event Production and Promotions, Artist Management and Booking with the goal of connecting people to new experiences through art and music. Infinite Connections brings you Breaks & Freaks, IOSIS Art Party, Shringara and Body Systems Dark Art Party. http://www.infiniteconnections.org/

Official Website: http://www.infiniteconnections.org/

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Space Virgin bartenders in the house, yo!