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"As a follow-on to the Wikimania event, On Monday August 7, Dan Gillmor, Director of the Center for Citizen Media, and his co-coordinators plan to bring about 100 people together to discuss citizen journalism. The purpose is to brainstorm some key aspects of citizen journalism, including principles, techniques, tools, business models and more. This event will be in the "unconference" format. That is, the audience will be the experts--no formal panels, but rather excellent moderators drawing out what we collectively know--and the idea is to learn from each other. Jeff Jarvis, author of the blog, is among the leaders in this space who has signed on to lead a session.

The gathering will take place at Harvard Law School's Pound Hall, beginning at 9am and finishing at 4pm. We'll also have birds-of-a-feather dinners in Cambridge, most likely hosted be several speakers, for those who want to stick around. The event will either be free or very inexpensive. More details, including sign-up instructions, will be posted on the Center for Citizen Media site ( in the next few days."

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