3719 3rd Ave South
Birmingham, Alabama 35222

"Electronic music composer Dan Deacon is based in Baltimore, MD, and is equally influenced by such diverse elements as Devo, Talking Heads, Scratch Orchestra, Raymond Scott, and Conlon Nancarrow. After several self-released projects, he moved to Baltimore and became an instant figurehead of the fledgling electronic music community. In November of 2004, he lost 60 pounds while making the transition from a diet of chicken and cookies to a healthy vegan lifestyle. Though he releases several projects in limited quantities, Acorn Master and Spiderman of the Rings were released by Psych-O-Path Records in 2006. - All Music Guide"

Official Website: http://www.ticketbiscuit.com/BottleTree/EventPage.aspx?EID=11635&VD=5/1/2007

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