316 S Main St
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

"Connecting the storied tradition of musical dissent to the 2004 presidential election, insurgent folk artist Dan Bern takes to the road following the release of his new album My Country II to bring a message to his audiences through these new songs. "I think of them as music to beat Bush by." "Hopefully you will laugh, cry, gesticulate wildly, twitch, and be moved to take to the streets with painted bedsheets and anarchistic slogans," he continues. "It is recommended that sometime between now and November 2nd you attend a rally, hold a sign, challenge someone to 'say what it is you mean, exactly' while playing board games in a public ale house, and otherwise involve yourself personally in throwing the bums out." Bern's new material is the natural continuation of a body of work from an artist who will push any boundary put before him."

Added by brandonz on August 30, 2004