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The Dallas Startup Happy Hour is the talk of the startup community in Dallas. Check out the coverage in the Dallas Morning News: http://tinyurl.com/sshhdfw As a result of the events, several startups have found a) employees, b) co-founders, c) angel investors and d) had a few free drinks.

Are you interested in connecting with the local startup community? We are working to build a vibrant startup community here in Dallas every bit as interesting and dynamic as San Francisco, Boulder, Boston or Austin. The first step is engagement.

Sponsored by SpringStage - you are invited to attend. Please RSVP.

UPDATE: Gabriella Draney's (HP Growth Partners) father is delivering more than 600 toys to children in a remote mountain village in Mexico on December 10th. She has asked me to ask all of you to bring a single toy (i.e. something that doesn't use batteries and is fairly compact) to the event. Gabriella will collect the toys (and hopefully) deliver them to her father. Lets help the kids out? What do you say?

Official Website: http://www.texasstartupblog.com/about/dallas-startup-happy-hour/

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I am the Inventor of the Identity Management System that UTD has proposed to develop. I am looking for a business startup team. I recently learned about your event and look forward to Dec. 1.

gabriella draney

Any toys in good condition are more than welcome. They don't have to be new. And don't worry about wrapping.

The kids range in age from 0-18 so any age toy will be appreciated. Most of the villages don't have electricity so the simpler the better.

Thanks so much for helping! Your gifts will be so special to these children. Most of them have never owned toys.

See everyone in a few...


is there a schedule for the january happy hour?