1950 Stemmons Freeway, Suite 2022
Dallas, Texas 75207

Several Dallas Barcampers are getting back together to kick off what (I hope) becomes a routine thang: a jam session of folks interested in social media. Tomorrow night we can talk a bit about what we each want to get out of such a working group. But, in the spirit of factoryjoe's Mashpits , I also have an idea we can all work on.

Tim Williamson is the founder of The Idea Village, an entreprenuer bootstrapping/launching pad in New Orleans. The devastation all these months later isn't just physical -- 'our social networks are destroyed,' he says.

He did a triage grant program. Now wants to move it to the next level, making Idea Village the place people can go to get or contribute information & expertise so badly needed in the community.

Our mission, should we choose to accept, is to whiteboard up some ideas for how the Idea Village can leverage social media to aggregate, plus up, and spread info around NOLA.

Should we order in Gloria's?

Added by brianoberkirch on April 3, 2006



Does Gloria's deliver tequila?


A bottle of teh old horseshoe would put the social in this social media mashup.


I'll arrive late after coaching soccer.


I'll be there a little late, and have to bug out around 9...


Damn... I'm going to have to back out. I've ended up at work without a car tonight (take the train). I hope things go well enough to have a second event. I'll absolutely plan my vehicle needs better! :)


I'm going to be a few minutes late too...


Crap. I'm sorry. I'm gonna be really late.


Hey, just call me at 214.764.1437 if you're late and you need me to come let you in the building.