Banff, Alberta
Banff, Alberta

Homeward Bound: All about the different ways the people search for home.

Dr. Dale Auger was born a Sakaw Cree from the Bigstone Cree Nation in northern Alberta, and his education began as a young boy when his mother would take him to be with the elders. Auger’s resulting respect for traditional teachings led him to study art, opening the door to a Doctorate in Education. He is a talented playwright, speaker and visual artist whose vividly coloured acrylics have captured the attention of a list collectors that reads like an international ‘who’s who’ spanning English to Hollywood royalty. In his book Mwakwa – Talks to the Loon, he retells the timeless story of Kayas, a young Cree man who is blessed with the ability to hunt well and provide for his People, but who takes his gift for granted.

Mwakwa - Talks to the Loon: A Cree Story for Children.
Heritage House Publishing 2006.
Kayâs was a very fine hunter who had many special gifts. He was able to find all kinds of animals, no matter where they hid. All the people in the village adored him and the praise quickly went to his head. He no longer longed to hunt; he preferred to be complimented by the villagers. Soon, everyone was hungry, and Kayâs ventured into the woods again. He returned empty handed though. How will Kayâs regain his gift and provide for his people?

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