561 Geary St
San Francisco, California 94102

Thanks for viewing the first confirmed Macworld 2008 Party. This event is open to all Macworld attendees. This is our 3rd annual party hosted by DailyTechTalk.com and will feature live entertainment and a great selection of drinks from a full bar.

When: 9PM-Closing
Where: Swig-Bar (http://swig-bar.com)
Price: Free admission to all wearing a Macworld Conference badge

I'm not going to have any "official" giveaways or freebies. If you're a company and wants to give things away, send me an email to [email protected]

This event is being co-sponsored with http://macradio.com and http://dsoundz.co.uk.

“DTT bringing the community back to the Macintosh!”

Official Website: http://macworldbound.com

Added by adamjackson1984 on September 27, 2007



if I'm there, then I'm gonna be DJing !



Heck yea! email me sam and I'll respond back with the number to call and I'll try to get you booked that evening.


adam, book me as DJ! send me number u have my email!

Deb Shadovitz

I love that my free to all with a Macworld Expo badge idea took off! They told me I was crazy to do it, but I trusted the Mac community. Turns out, I started something great. :)


If it's still going after Cirque du Mac I'm totally there :)


Hey nikf. it's a 21 and up event. Not sure your age but maybe the people should know.

James Guske

I definitely want to be there. Thanks for having this party.


Hi James. Thank you for the comment. Can't wait to meet you! Do you have my number? I'm going to email it to you.


Count me in!
This is great!!!


are exhibits only passes ok for admission?


Sure Dblake!


Congratulations on being on the front page for Upcoming SF. :-)

A little sad that it knocked Lunch 2.0 off the first two. ;-)