55 Mercer St
New York, New York 10013


Playing at 45 Bleecker until December 16th, then reopening at 55 Mercer Street in January!

In this tour-de-force solo performance, Iris Bahr brings to life a remarkable range of heartfelt and outspoken characters that span the conflicted spectrum of Israeli society.

Bahr takes us into the colorful world of a Tel Aviv café, only minutes before a suicide bomber enters. Here we are allowed entry into the lives of numerous inhabitants from all strata of Israeli society, as well as its observers and critics: eccentric, lost, hilarious souls whose lives, quirks, and neuroses are channeled through Bahr’s remarkable characterizations and ability to bring humor to even the most dire and tragic of circumstances.

We meet Alma Yalin, wife of Moti (of Moti’s limousines, largest in tri-state area), who finds herself in Israel against her will to tend to her ailing mother, Svetlana, a Russian prostitute who gleefully forged documents of her Jewishness to work in Israel, Trev Brodman, in town to build a massive Rapture Center of sorts, Shuli, an extremist West Bank settler from Queens, Nijma, a Palestinian intellectual who is trying to moderate her sons’ increasingly violent views against their occupier, Uzi, a Zionist former general and peer of Ariel Sharon, and Jessica Mendoza, a Latina actress who just landed the role of the beautiful Israeli girl in the latest “Middle East Conflict” blockbuster. These are only a handful of the many characters Bahr brings to humorous and moving life, taking the audience on a singular journey through a land and a people who have managed to anger, fascinate, entice, and confuse most of the world’s population.

Official Website: http://cultureproject.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=40

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