Pacific First Center Building 851 SW Sixth Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97204

After skipping a year, CyborgCamp is back! We're looking forward to a conference full of fascinating people, ideas and projects.

CyborgCamp is a hybrid unconference on the future of humans and technology. Half of the conference will be organized BarCamp style, and the other half will have structured experts on various topics.

What is a cyborg? A cyborg (shorthand for “cybernetic organism”) is a symbiotic fusion of human and machine. Join in our pre-conference discussion and help organize the event at and faster updates on Twitter at

CyborgCamp's aim is to have many communication channels such as Twitter, Flickr, UstreamTV, Video and Audio recordings and live chats displayed on the screen. Classrooms, individuals and businesses are encouraged to attend the event remotely. It will be livestreamed through multiple channels and will be archived and tagged for future viewing. Details on remote conference access will be available a week before the conference begins.

CyborgCamp is open to sponsors. We're interested in cutting edge companies or non-profits who are interested in education/technological development. Please E-mail [email protected] if you or your organization/business is interested in this. Your logo will be added to any paper brochures, the website, and will be included in live Twitter streams during the event.

Official Website:

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