1214 South University Ave
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103

MOCHI would like to invite MOCHI members and the general public to join us for our annual summer reading series. The goal of the series is to use interesting readings and a casual atmosphere to spark discussion of interesting HCI-related topics.

This year we are trying something new: The summer reading series will meet at the Starbucks on South University Ave. The first topic will be:

Cyberwork: new models for the technology and economics of virtual work.

Suggested readings include:
1) The Rise of Crowdsourcing by Jeff Howe (Wired Magazine)

2) AI Gets a Brain: New technology allows software to tap real human intelligence by Jeff Barr and Luis Felipe Cabrera of Amazon Web Services (ACM Queue Magazine)

3) Coase's Penguin, or, Linux and the Nature of the Firm by Yochai Benkler (Yale Law Journal)

4) the website "Internet Game Exchange"

Read as many or as few as you like, RSVP if you can ([email protected]), but come and join the discussion!

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