York, England YO10 5DD

Location: From 5pm at the University of York Exhibition Hall with exhibitions from the IT industry, light buffet and refreshments, followed by and exclusive opportunity to attend a double bill of keynote presentations on IT Security commencing 6pm.
[1] - Cybercrime: Dark Force Rising!

Abstract: Just what turns a valued member of your team into a cyber criminal, thief or terrorist? You can have the best security system in the world, but it won’t help you defend against the inside man who has industrial espionage on his mind. What motivates a person to switch his allegiance to a criminal organization and risk everything?
Fear, greed, opportunity? In this intense and sometimes disturbing 75min session Andy Malone delves deep and not only asks these difficult questions but also provides solutions, tips and advice on how to protect yourself and your business from losing everything! Andy Malone is a world class speaker who delivers with passion, confidence, humor and authority.

Presented by Andy Malone MVP, Worldwide Microsoft Speaker: TechEd 07, 08, 09, TechDays 09, Cybercrime Security Forum 08 & 09
[2] - Computer Forensics - A False Sense of Security.

Abstract: Sam Raincock will introduce the field of computer forensics. She will discuss how complex cases frequently involve the combination of thousands of pieces of technical evidence but still often need a sprinkle of investigative flair to solve them. Within this, Sam will illustrate how ‘unbreakable’ security measures are often flawed due to user (and IT) misunderstanding, including how forensic techniques can be used to target implementation weaknesses. She will also discuss why the dreaded IT policies should not gather dust in folders and what not to do when an incident occurs.

The seminar is intended for IT practitioners with an interest in computer forensics including those watching a little too much CSI! It will be of particular interest to IT security personnel and a revelation for IT managers or anyone with a computer. Wiper software not included!

Presented by Samantha Raincock BSc (Hons), MSc, CCE, MBCS, CEng MIET

The keynote presentations will be held in the Central Hall at the University from 6pm with networking and buffet from 5pm in the nearby exhibition area.
We recommend early booking as this is expected to be a very popular event.

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