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This is a closed, invite-only, forum for senior executives interested in learning about:
1. Production examples of Big Data platforms – Real-time and batch
2. Compelling use cases – Business transformation
3. Best practices – From business problem definition to ROI
4. Turning your existing organization into a data science-capable organization
5. How to develop data-centric applications – Big Data PaaS
6. Private, virtual private, and public clouds – How to deliver data as a service
7. Virtualized Hadoop
8. How to build your Big Data roadmap

Join us as thought leaders and share your hands-on experiences. We will be sponsoring several thought-provoking presentations as well as an interactive Q&A session between you, your peers, and a number of Big Data veterans.
Big data is more than big. It’s enabling change throughout the organization from IT to the executive office. Big data technologies from companies like Yahoo!, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and the like are providing CXOs an opportunity to unlock value from your organization’s data in a fraction of the time and in a fraction of the cost when compared to traditional or legacy solutions.

Where should you start unlocking value from data? Social media listening? Online web behavioral analysis? Call center log analysis? The race is on to convert the volume, velocity, and variety of Big Data into insights that your organization can use to make proactive, smarter decisions and get ahead of the competition.
There’s no place better than at the heart of Silicon Valley’s innovation at PARC, the inventors of Ethernet, the GUI, and the mouse, to learn what is happening in Big Data and how to take advantage it.
Leading executives and practitioners in Big Data, including Infochimps, the leading provider of Big Data Platform-as-a-Service; Think Big, the leader in Big Data analytics integration; VMWare, the pioneer of self-managed virtual infrastructure; and PARC, a Xerox company in the business of breakthroughs are hosting an event for CXOs to gather and discuss how companies can effectively manage, protect and leverage the growing amounts of data in the enterprise. With a focus on best practices, the event will allow attendees to explore strategies and technologies necessary for building a Big Data roadmap for competitive advantage.
Join this exclusive, hosted gathering of experienced peers, industry thought-leaders, and top solution providers for real-world tips, use cases and best practices to help you harness the power of big data.

Official Website: http://goo.gl/ICRwN

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