151 North Marginal Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

Can we make the logo bigger? Just try making the whole site green. Couldn't we get more of that content above the fold? Sometimes what a client wants doesn't mix with what we think is good design and usability.

When designing a website we're faced with all manner of requests from the practical to the absurd. Identifying client needs early in the design process is an essential for a successful project. Brad Colbow will share his experience working with clients to create memorable designs that meet the clients needs but also shine in your portfolio.

Brad Colbow is an independent web designer in the Cleveland area and also the creator of "The Brads" a web comic that thrills and delights about a half a dozen people ever week.

Official Website: http://clevelandwebstandards.org

Added by cwsa on July 1, 2009


Eric Browning

Sorry to back out at the last minute, but there's a family situation I just found out about. Good luck Brad; I'm looking forward to catching a video of your talk.