off Great Ancoats Street, Manchester, UK.
Manchester, England

Come & join in the Cutting Room Experiment!

Cutting Room Experiment is an attempt to create the world's biggest user generated event in the world, right here in Manchester. The website has now launched and we need people to get involved, bring their ideas and their friends and make this happen.

This event is a chance for anyone to take part in a one-off, professionally-organised, mass participation event for hundreds of people. Think about flash mobs, think about mass participation, think about a collection of people in a space, at one time, all doing something together. That's what the Cutting Room Experiment is all about.

The day is split into categories, which includes architecture and design, art and craft, dance, film, literature, pop music and science, just to name a few. The ideas are already flowing, and suggestions range from 'The Return of the Space Hopper', to 'Knitters Unite' and 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies'.

Cutting Room Experiment will be a completely unique event, where all activities programmed throughout the day are entirely up the audience. The website is set up so people can come up with their own ideas, vote for their favourite ideas and also post them to Twitter and Facebook to spread the word.

Visit for more details and to submit an idea by 29 May. Winning ideas will be announced on 4 June 2009.

Official Website:

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This event sounds like such a good idea, am really looking forward to it. lets all space hop acroos the cutting room!!