232 3rd Street
Brooklyn, New York 11215

'Curtis Bahn and Dean Sharp: Ranging from raga to raucous, Curtis and Dean will explore electronic/acoustic grooves and sonic landscapes for percussion, sensor-extended sitar and dilruba (an Indian cello-like instrument).'

'Stephan Moore and Madeleine Gallagher will perform a series of compositions in sound and image using analog equipment (tape and film) as part of the source. This work is about starting over and reexamining the beginning influences so that new ideas can take flight. The images created for this project were made with the Oxberry animation stand, the optical printer and hand painted 35. Transferred to video, the films will be manipulated live. The audio aspect of these compositions stems from Stephan's desire to use bolder colors, exploring overlapping rhythmic patterns and harmonic progression from the perspective of the more nuanced textural pieces he has made in recent years. Stephan's music meets Madeleine's visuals in the realm of patterns of dots and lines.'

Added by Josh Carr on August 27, 2007

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