1351 Third Street Promenade
Santa Monica, California 90401

Sri Lanka Day is perhaps the only day of the year people in Los Angeles are able to have a taste of Sri Lankan food in a fun and festive environment, which is cooked live in the most exciting of ways. Thousands of families living in Santa Monica have fallen in love with the food offered at Sri Lanka Day since the first Sri Lankan Day in 2006 and now people from San Francisco and even Canada make this their annual pilgrimage to quench their appetite for Sri Lankan food.

The favorite Sri Lankan foods available are Hoppers-crispy pancake type item made with many a twirl. The edges are crispy and the middle is soft. Usually eaten with meat or vegetarian curry. Rice and curry-made Sri Lankan style. Kottu Roti-similar to a mongolian barbecue-made with eggs, meat and vegetables-a treat to watch the cooking and taste good! String hoppers-soft stringy type item accompanied by curry. Pol rotti-bread made of flour and coconut-served with spicy onions or curry. Sri Lankan savory short eats-that’s the name for Sri Lankan snacks similar to Tapas and Empanadas-once you start with these you can't stop! No Sri Lankan food festival would be complete without Sri Lankan Sweets-Colorful and sweet.

Bring your family and family for a taste of paradise!

Added by Sri Lanka on June 23, 2010