21677 Rainbow Drive
Cupertino, California


The Twentieth DevHouse is nearly upon us. Our new host, Jessy had such a great time at SHDH19 that she has offered to host SHDH20 at her house. Well guess what? We took her up on her offer!

SuperHappyDevHouse20 will be located in Cupertino, CA. We will also be trying out an new time format: 2pm (1400) - 2am (0200). Bring your coworkers and friends, male and female, hackers and painters. Save the date! Forward it to them now!

The Date: Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Time: 2pm - 2am

The Place: Cupertino DevHouse, 21677 Rainbow Drive, Cupertino, 95014

Parking: The House is located at the top of a small shared driveway with four large black mail boxes a the bottom. Parking will be located on the streets below the shared driveway.

Please come with a laptop and ideas! Think about a fun project you'd like to work on, a new technology you'd like to learn, or a challenging issue you'd like to discuss. Generally we have found that people tend to get some very satisfying work done if they bring a project to work on at DevHouse. So bring your ideas, gadgets and hax!

Many people have asked us what they can do to help out, especially now that we have sponsorship. You don't need to give us money, but we could always use more food, snacks and drinks. Please bring your favorite dish to share!

Things to bring if you wish to help out

* Ice! We always need more ice!
* Your favorite beverages
* Home-cooked food. We love home-cooked food. So yummy!

In addition to food, we could always use help with setup and cleanup, espically cleanup! We usually go out to dinner afterwords and discuss SHDH, anybody who helps with cleanup is invited! Post-cleanup dinner is on the house, as is the love.

Please contact Tom Harrison (tomicles at gmail dot com) if you can give us a hand with setup or cleanup.

If you would like to speak on a topic that you think would be of interest to other geeks, contact Joel Franusic (jfranusic at gmail.com) to get on the list of speakers. Please mention "SHDH20" in the subject line of your email.

Talks are FIVE MINUTES long and will be timed. I know this is insanely too short, but you should be able to concentrate all the awesomeness of your talk into five minutes!

You don't only have to present things of your own creation; if you found something really cool on the Net, like OEIS, or you've found something crazy in the leaked Media Defender source code, please feel free to give a little talk about what you've found! Explicit sales pitches for products or services that cannot be at least trial'ed for free are discouraged.


In an attempt to make the talks go more smoothly, we are going to be trying out a new format for the lightning talks:

The idea is for each speaker to make a page for their talk on the SHDH wiki. Add as much to your wiki page as you like: images, notes, cat macros, bulletin points, links to YouTube, whatever!

WebJockey Tomicles will be "in the house". He will be displaying the contents of your wiki page as appropriate while you speak! The screen behind you will change as if by magic!

Members of the audience are encouraged to ask the speaker questions on the wiki, let the speaker know who you are and how to find you so you can discuss their talk after the Lightning Talks are over!

Please try and flag me down before the talks so I know who you are and how to pronounce your name correctly.


Thanks for reading to the end! ;)

David, Tom, Jeff, Joel, and Jessy
The SuperHappyDevHouse Hosts

Official Website: http://shdh.org/SuperHappyDevHouse20

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Ice? Ice blocks? Are there hills? We could sled down the hill on Ice blocks. Are there hills?


Dev Hosue? (minor typo in event/venue name).

I'll be there!


if anyone doesn't have a Facebook account, there are currently 72 confirmed and 69 maybes on Facebook for this event.


Looking forward to it!


termie - me interested, any chance of transportation?