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The next Culture Geeks’ talk is a special Christmas edition, with speaker Etienne Posthumus, who will be joinin us from Amsterdam to talk about:

" The polyglot collection – making multilingual subject access to collections possible using ICONCLASS and Arkyves "

At http://www.arkyves.org/ Arkyves you will find a collection of images and descriptive metadata interpreting those images, and scholarly literature about the theory and practice of inter-preting images.
Using this service a collection can provide sophisticated multilingual thematic access to their data.

In this talk we will:

* show an example of collections that use AHIM to provide multilingual searching and browsing on their websites eg. French Emblems at Glasgow University
* look at how data is aggregated in Arkyves
* peek ‘under-the-bonnet’ to see how the back-end works (using OAI-PMH or a static file on a URL) get a brief overview of the standard classification system http://www.iconclass.nl/

…and if time allows we can also talk about:

* How to describe your own collection using ICONCLASS
* The SKOS version of ICONCLASS for use by Museum Management vendors examples: AdLib (Netherlands) & Imdas Pro (Austria)
* Converting (or mapping) existing classification systems to ICONCLASS for instant multilingual access.

To book a place, sign-up here or call: 01273 206306.

There is no bar, but you are welcome to bring your own drinks.

Official Website: http://www.culturegeeks.org.uk/

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