Post CS-Building, Oosterdokskade 5
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Régine Débatty will present some highlights from her extremely popular BLOG we-make-money-not-art. Régine blogs like she's everywhere at once, always knowing the LATEST about her favorite tags - entertainment, gadgets, games, installation, life online, location , telephony, robots, wearables and design.

Nina Larsen, Alexa Tang, Tunc Topcuoglu, Xiavier Fernandez Fuentes and Tobias Krasenberg, students from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, will present the GAMES they recently developed for the project PLAYTIME.

Heiko Hansen (D) and Helen Evans (GB) are the brains behind [ HeHe]. HeHe does projects in which they REVERSE ENGINEER the technological systems that surround us and add their own new, critical usage and social context.

Exploring RF technology's roots in Spiritualism, Robyn Moody (CAN), and Brian McKenna (NL/CAN) will hold an electronic SÉANCE. They hope to CONTACT their 'recently departed' friend, Denton Fredrickson, by opening a communication channel to 'the other side'.

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