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The Mediterranean Cuisine is as diverse and varied as the languages and countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea. Food is integral to the effusive hospitality which is imperative everywhere in the region and has been since ancient days. Flavors are robust and clear, unfettered by complicated sauces and heavy dollops of cream and butter. Home cooking is dominant and even renowned chefs bow before the traditional genius of the home and hearth. Chef Bernard will teach you how to speak “Mediterranean Cooking” – to make one language describe the couscous and dried fruit of Morocco, beautiful and tasty recipes from Provence, Greek octopus salad, Italian prosciuttos, Egyptian lentil soup, Lebanese finger food and Catalan seafood stews, and find out that the various countries around this deep blue sea share more than a beach. You will be able to follow along, taste each menu item being prepared, ask questions, and get most of your time spent with the Chef. Once all menu items have been demonstrated, dinner will be served at tables set with china, linens, and fresh flowers. This event can be packaged with an overnight stay at the Tutorsky Mansion*.
This event includes: Chef-demonstration cooking class, recipes, and a sit-down dinner with wine. *Please contact the Toutorsky Mansion directly for lodging reservations.

Official Website: http://www.openkitchenevents.com

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