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Cuddle Party Facilitator Training and Certification

Cuddle Party Facilitator Training is a weekend-long intensive program designed to provide you with the skills you need to create powerful, transformative workshops, including official Cuddle Party events. Whether you are new to running events for groups, or have been facilitating for years, this interactive, hands-on training will provide you with the tools you need to enhance your confidence, create new depth to your presentations, and improve your ability to create relatedness with just about anyone.

During this training, you will learn how to:

create safe, non-sexual space to explore intimacy on both on a personal and professional level
lead workshops that leave your participants feeling touched, open, valued and nurtured
generate an environment where women and men communicate more authentically
listen profoundly
create a powerful relatedness with strangers quickly and easily
be more open to others and able to give and receive comfortably
create strong boundaries for yourself without shutting others down
You will also learn:

tools for building a strong, intimate community
advanced tools for handling rejection
communication techniques that open people up to discuss intimacy, desires, fears and needs
After the weekend is over, the certification program begins, with six months of structure, support, and coaching, as you further develop your skills in becoming a Cuddle Party Faciltiator.

Cuddle Parties have profoundly changed people's lives, and the facilitator training program is designed to teach you the skills that make this happen. For syllabus information, visit the training schedule page.

Special Offer!
Save $200 when you register early!
Facilitator Training weekend only - $495
(Regular price - $695)
Facilitator Training and Cuddle Party Certification - $995
(Regular price - $1195)

Official Website: http://www.cuddleparty.com/training/

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