Corner Bunda Street and Genge Street
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory 2601

Added by pureCaffeine on April 29, 2008



I'd love to go but 3pm on a weekday is hard to make - I don't work in the city. Have a coffee for me!


Sorry I can't make it. I'm on site with a client and won't be able to make 3-4pm for the meet up.


No worries - we just want to try something different; don't expect the time slots each time will suit everyone. Last one was after work, another was lunch time ... and as always, recommendations for time/place appreciated!


Hi guys, hope to make it today. My office is right across the road from Cream! But might have to pick up my children from school...


I have a meeting at a client's at 2pm, but if it finishes in time, I'll be there!


Thanks for coming Noel, Stephen, Craig, Rohan ... and me :-)