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You’ve got 24 hours to take a .psd design and slice it up. Be thoughtful, be creative. Above all, use flexible markup, lean CSS, good design and your best judgment. Within 24 hours, email back a zip of your final html, css, supporting images and anything else you care to throw in the mix.

The first Contest is June 1, 2007

At noon, CST, June 1, a .psd will be available for download in .zip format . You’ll have 24 hours to send your zipped entry to [email protected].

The winner of this contest gets to pick between $30 in cash or a $50 donation to a charity of their choosing. Plus, they’ll feature you and your site when they discuss your winning entry.

The Contest

* Convert a .psd into HTML making use of web standards, in 24 hours or less. Think SimpleQuiz, except it's the final exam.

The Mission

* To actively engage the web community in web standards with an emphasis on valid, semantic markup
* To emphasize good web design as an integral part of the development process
* To use the contest as an opportunity to teach

Official Website:

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