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Creative web development with CSS and DOM scripting

Traditionally, CSS has been the domain of designers while JavaScript was for programmers, but these technologies can and should work together to improve your visitors’ experiences. After all, you can do amazing things with CSS, but when you start to use CSS in concert with DOM Scripting, there’s almost no limit to what you can achieve.

MOD-ern web designer Andy Clarke and DOM/Ajax developer Aaron Gustafson will take your CSS skills and supercharge them with JavaScript magic, exploring how you can make CSS and JavaScript work together to make beautiful (and functional) results.

In this full day workshop, Aaron and Andy will start by looking at the relationships between CSS and DOM scripting, giving both visual designers and developers the foundations of their approach. They will show you simple ways to add pizazz to your pages using a combination of CSS and DOM scripting techniques before diving into some of the really cool work that’s being done out there on the web.

Along the way, they will examine numerous websites and web applications, looking at the techniques that make them successful and showing you how to replicate and build upon them in your own work. The workshop will include never-seen-before examples of CSS and DOM scripting combinations and you never know, we may even invent something new together!
Who’s this workshop for?

To get the most out of this workshop you will need to be fluent in (X)HTML and CSS; you don’t necessarily need to be a wiz, but you should have a solid foundation. Some familiarity with JavaScript is recommended, but not necessary.
What are the learning outcomes?

After this very full day you will be able to

* understand the close relationship between CSS and DOM Scripting
* dissect DOM Scripting and Ajax techniques seen in the World Wild Web
* truly grasp complete separation of content, presentation, and style
* better understand CSS positioning and other layout techniques
* break complex behavior into easily digestible chunks
* write scripts which are flexible enough to be used in a variety of situations.

The workshop costs $495 CDN, or just $395 CDN if you are coming to the conference, and includes:

* A solid day’s training with these world experts
* A catered lunch and morning and afternoon breaks
* Free Wifi at the venue
* Printed materials

Official Website: http://north.webdirections.org/?page_id=4%2F#CSS

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