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CSS - Advanced Layouts and Accessibility

For further information, please contact the Business Support Team on 0161 9204466 or alternatively email us: [email protected]
What's the course about?

This course focuses on the new features of XHTML and CSS covering accessibility issues and site optimisation.

Areas covered by the course include:

• Advanced layout techniques, columns, floating, nesting, absolute and relative positioning
• Visibility controls, setting visible areas, setting overflows
• Advanced use of graphics
• CSS switching, optimising for print

The course will be delivered through lectures, demonstrations and handouts and has an emphasis on skills training based on current industry standards.
How long is the course and when will it be taught?

This is a 30 hour programme which can be studied in the evening for three hours per week over 10 weeks. In addition there is a requirement for delegates to engage in supported self study for approximately 15 hours (one to two hours per week).
Where is the course taught?

At the Manchester New Technology Institute (MNTI), One Central Park,
Northampton Road, Manchester.
How much will the course cost me?

You can call our Business Support Team on 0161 920 4466 for details of the fees for this course.
What qualifications or experience do I need to do this course?

Applicants must have sound knowledge of HTML, website design and basic CSS elements.
Which qualification will I be awarded if I successfully complete
the course?

There is no requirement to undertake an assessment with this skills based course.
All delegates will receive a certificate of skills validation from the Media Centre of Vocational Excellence.
What will I be able to go on to do after I've completed this course?

On successful completion of this course there are numerous opportunities to expand interests and career paths within the creative industries. Alternatively, delegates will have the opportunity to further expand their skills on one of our many courses, including opportunities within higher education.

For further information, please contact the Business Support Team on 0161 9204466 or alternatively email us: [email protected]

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