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The @VENTURE Series is a new entrepreneur program specially tailored to address issues and challenges of today's entrepreneurs, and the 'adventures' of building organizations. Our objectives are to help entrepreneurs build successful businesses and foster closer professional networks among their peers.

@VENTURE 2: 'Show Me the Money'
In the 2nd event of this series, we focus on one of the key ingredients you will need to turn your startup vision into reality: Money. Moolah, Dough, Benjamins, Yuan, - whatever you call it, it's the grease that makes the startup world turn. How do you find it? Do you turn to angels, or do you look for VCs? In this event, we place seed stage funding and Series A funding back-to-back to provide a unique perspective on the comparative differences between these two funding stages, as well as the key drivers and characteristics of each.

Session 1: Touched by Angels - Raising your Seed Funding
Seeking initial funding from angel investors has always been a popular avenue during startup stage of many Silicon Valley high-tech companies including Google and Twitter. Engaging an angel investor in the process, however, can still be challenging and carries its own risks and rewards.

Milton Chang, Managing Director, Incubic (Member, Band of Angels)
David Lee, Partner, Baseline Ventures
Don Jones, CEO, Venture Deal
Larry Low (Moderator), Partner, Orrick

Session 2: Series A - Stepping into Big Leagues
Series A funding is a major milestone in the life cycle of a startup. There are many challenges and pitfalls in the process of seeking VC money. In this panel discussion, we will hear directly from prominent venture capitalists themselves on the mechanics involved in the process.

John Steuart, Managing Director, Claremont Ventures
Mark Gorenberg, Managing Director, Hummer Winblad
Dan Ahn, Managing Director, Voyager Capital
Vish Mishra, Senior Venture Partner, Clearstone Venture Partners

Pre-register online: $25 for qualified entrepreneurs; $35 for CSPA premium members, $45 for CSPA basic members & non-members; add $10 for walkins (qualified entrepreneur pricing for online only).

Official Website: http://www.cspa.com/events/@venture/

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Lynn K

What a stellar panel! Plus the best part is that there is a mini 20-seconds pitch spot available to the attendants. If you are looking for funding, you don't want to miss this!