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Host: The Heritage Foundation. In Crush the Cell: How to Defeat Terrorism without Terrorizing Ourselves, Michael Sheehan reveals for the first time the true inner workings of terrorist cells and shows why thwarting them can be as simple as thinking offensively rather than defensively.
Sheehan draws on his wide-ranging 30 years of experience—having operated clandestinely in some of the world’s most troubled hot spots as well as participated in the highest levels of policymaking at the White House, State Department and United Nations.
Countering the easy analysis of many so-called terror “experts” and pundits, Sheehan maintains that sensitive and creative intelligence collection operations are the key to counter terrorism—not information sharing. In Crush the Cell, he offers critical insight and analysis, touching on everything from the NSA wiretap program to the dangers of unmonitored pleasure-boat traffic to the ease with which large home-made bombs can be constructed to which border we really need to be concerned about.
Join us as Michael A. Sheehan not only discusses his new book, but also looks at whether America is leaning on a false sense of security—or if a devastating threat looms.

Official Website: http://www.heritage.org/Press/Events/ev052008a.cfm

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