214 S Fourth Ave
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

Update: I'd like to host and run a new pervasive urban game called Cruel 2 B Kind in Ann Arbor Friday afternoon after work. We can all go out for bi bim bap or whatever afterwards. Details soon!

More game info: http://cruelgame.com/

I'll be in Ann Arbor the first weekend in June. The UM Alumni Association is having a retreat for regional club leaders. Would love to have bi bim bap somewhere/sometime with any interested folks while I'm there. A walking tour around campus and Kerrytown area might also be nice.

You can view the formal schedule here:

Official Website: http://arborwiki.org/city/Cruel_2_B_Kind:_A2_edition

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Looking forward to your trip! We'll be sure to organize something.