Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road
London, England


Come and play Cruel 2 B Kind*, a game of benevolent assassination, across the streets of London in aid of Cancer Research UK!

For more information, see You need a team of 2-4 players to sign up. The game forms part of Operation: Sleeper Cell (, but you do not need to be a player of Operation: Sleeper Cell to take part.

You play the game by locating and 'benevolently assassinating' your opposition with sheer happy wonderful loveliness. Every team will be assigned one of three 'weapons' in the form of some of the Agency's favourite compliments. These will have the power to 'assassinate' the other teams, gaining points, people and booty for your team if used correctly and on the right people. Thing is, you'll have no idea of who your opponents are. And likewise, they will not know you. You will, therefore, need to deploy your weapons very carefully, as you always run the risk of being found and assassinated by another team.

* The game Cruel 2 B Kind is designed and developed by Jane McGonigal and Ian Bogost

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