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User-experience design is at the top of concerns for product/service user-interface development, especially for global deployment. How do culture differences affect that experience? That question cuts across all platforms (e.g., Web, client-server PCs, mobile, appliances), applications (e.g., productivity, entertainment, commerce), user communities (e.g., professional, consumer), and markets (e.g., office, home, industrial)

Mr. Aaron Marcus, President of AM+A, surveys the issues of cross-cultural communication, introduces culture dimensions, and discusses issues, with examples, that are challenging analysts and designers worldwide. All developers are seeking to embrace this additional set of concerns that impact usability, usefulness, and appeal. Mr. Marcus helps show the way to improved user experience. He has presented this lecture as an invited plenary address at CHI-South Africa 2005; UPA 2005 in Montreal,Canada; the Danube University of Krems, Austria; the Vocational Training Institute in Hong Kong, China; the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology in Taipei, Taiwan; IsraCHI, Herzliyah, Israel; and Bezalel Academy, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.

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