87000 E Us-26
Government Camp, Oregon 97028

Note: The location is not Skibowl, its the closest spot on mt hood in yahoo's database. The date is tentative. There might be enough snow to ski by then and there might not. Also its no fun to ski in the rain so this event is weather permitting.

Cross Country Skiing is scenic, great exercise, and inexpensive to do! If this will be your first time, thats great! No experience necessary and its easy to learn - its mostly walking. Cross Country Skiing intro video:

Trillium Lake is a popular cross country ski area, though the actual trail has yet to be chosen (watch this spot for updates). The overall plan is to leave Portland around 9. Arrive at the trailhead around noon. Spend the afternoon gliding along trails through beautiful scenery. Eat a pack lunch on the trail somewhere. Turn around or continue on the same trail if its a loop. Drive back - most likely with a post-ski dinner somewhere along the route back to Portland.

REI members can rent skis-boots-poles from the downtown/Pearl store for $15/day ($8 for additional days). Otto's cross country sky shop in Sandy also rents for $15/day.

If you are driving and have an open seat, please leave a comment below.

Added by donpdonp on November 8, 2008



The date has been moved back one week (again) due to no snow. Now its on the Sunday after CyborgCamp.


date moved one week out again due to lack of snow.


skibowl has 2" of snow. moving ahead one week.

Eva Cat Herder

Love cross-country skiing, but Saturdays are for sleeping. Possibly interested in a Sunday, as long as it is not the day after a #camp.


This looks awesome. I think I might be out at the farm.
Looking into it.


If this gets put off a few more weeks, until January, i'm very interested. If not, I'll have to organize a sequel.


cars and drivers are needed to make this happen! plz comment.


Yay! It looks like it got put off far enough that I'll be back in town.


pushed back again. this is getting comical. emailing potential drivers today.


got one interested driver. (thx neophiliac!)
letting this event expire. maybe we can try again later.