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This webinar will use a case study-approach to explain the causes for a CRO failure and what a sponsor can do to address the failure and work towards achieving a successful outcome.

Why Should You Attend:

The regulatory agencies frequently reject pharma sponsor market approval applications due to CRO failure. The CRO keeps the sponsor’s money and the sponsor loses its regulatory filing fees and their development costs. Sometimes sponsors incur regulatory enforcement actions. There are documented cases where pharma sponsors have had to close down as a direct result of CRO failure.
This webinar will present two anonymous case studies of CRO failure- both of which were successfully addressed by the Sponsor. One of the cases incurred an intensive FDA inspection of the investigator sites and at the sponsor location. Other cases in the public domain will be referenced to support the discussion. There are important lessons of what happened, why it happened, and what worked or did not work to achieve the successful outcome, despite the initial CRO failure. CROs are necessary for the pharma development of new products. The risk of using a CRO needs to be addressed proactively by clinical trial sponsors.

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