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Crisis communication used to be handled exclusively through official channels: press releases and designated spokespeople and media relations experts. Not any more, thanks to social media. Today, everyone is a reporter and anyone can be a spokesperson. News of a crisis travels the globe at lightning speed. As a communications professional faced with all these "unofficial" channels, how do you "manage" a crisis when it's unfolding on literally hundreds of social media sites?

Kick off 2010 with this exciting, informative program. You'll enjoy an enlightening discussion and valuable networking. Topics include:

Cisco's process and preparation for crisis communication
How a major consumer product retailer used social media during a recent product recall
Monitoring & measuring social media during the worst bushfires in Australia's history
The changing rules of engagement for social & traditional media
Social media policy & employee engagement


Nigel Glennie, Cisco, responsible for crisis & timely issue communication in Cisco's crisis communication team.

Milton Hill, Mediascape Global. Founder and CEO, recently spearheaded a massive analytical project commissioned by the Royal Commission Inquiry.

Robert Jensen, FEMA, currently Deputy Director, Office of External Affairs, responsible for direct oversight & management of all internal & external strategic communication & outreach efforts.

Rachel Polish, Ogilvy's 360* Digital Influence. West Coast vice president focusing on social media strategy and building powerful word of mouth campaigns for clients. Rachel is a Reservist with the Coast Guard.

Jane Jordan-Meier (moderator) has over 2 decades' experience in crisis communication & is currently writing a book about media management in the digital age.

Special thanks to our sponsor:
Mediascape Global analyzes and evaluates the media environment providing critical intelligence, identification and quantification of key issues, messages & stakeholders.

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