23-29 Emerald st.
London, London WC13Q

Crisis Camp London is one of the international Crisis Camps organized to support relief efforts in Haiti. It brings together technical and non-technical people to work together on tasks. It works in collaboration with on-the-ground organisations, relief agencies and other crisis camps, by organising over the internet. Learn more about Crisis Camps at http://wiki.crisiscommons.org/.

We're meeting from 10am til 5pm every Saturday until 27th February, to work on projects that make life easier for people on the ground.

We need more people to join in the fun and help with both technical and non-technical tasks from system design, programming, giving user feedback, project management, facilitation, working on maps, gathering information from the web, the logistics and admin of keeping the camp running, and helping people to keep in touch with what is going on.

Official Website: http://wiki.crisiscommons.org/wiki/Crisis_Camp_London

Added by AlanMJackson on January 27, 2010