3117 16th Street (at Valencia Street)
San Francisco, California

from the Dead Channels film festival website:

"We are extremely pleased to present this unique performance. David Cronenberg's practically unseen Crimes of the Future will be presented on 35mm film with a musical score composed, and performed live in the theatre, by internationally acclaimed electronic musicians Spoonbender 1.1.1. Get your tickets early.

Antoine Rouge, a mad dermatologist in a dystopian future world, unleashed a cosmetic-spread epidemic that killed post-pubertal women. Sensuous (and tasty) fluids ooze from the infected while some men begin to generate new organs of unknown purpose. Rouge's disciple, Adrian Tripod begins to search for a five-year-old girl who has been abducted by an international pedophilic conspiracy intent on breeding experiments before her infection manifests. This is rare David Cronenberg: straight up, no chaser - with live musical accompaniment."

More info on Spoonbender 1.1.1 (aka I am Spoonbender) at http://www.iamspoonbender.com/

Official Website: http://www.deadchannels.com/crimes_of_the_future.php

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