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Crescendo Falls
Beautiful People, Ugly Town.
***** NOW EXTENDED! *****

Written by Kevin Hammonds
Directed by Erik Hill

In this comedy parody of soap operas, a dysfunctional family?s loyalties are put to the test while trying to maintain the family business atop the present day volatile recording industry.

The fictional metropolis of Crescendo Falls thrives on the decadent affairs and backstabbing antics of its beautiful but deadly residents. Crescendo Records in thrown into a chaotic power struggle with the death of R.J. Covington, its founding owner.

And thus begins the greatest power struggle since the Carringtons and Ewings.

Clawing their way to the top of the heap, members of the Covington family lie, cheat and steal in order to survive the executive suites of Crescendo Records.

In addition to outlandish story lines and insatiable lovemaking, other soap opera conventions are skewered as well. Women carry babies full term in a matter of weeks, tots grow to teens in a matter of months; characters who never leave the show tend to have multiple actors playing the part; and deadly peril comes with the territory on a weekly basis. The double crossing, bed-hopping and always perfectly groomed residents of Crescendo Falls will stop at nothing to fulfill their wants and desire, living up to the town?s motto with flying colors: Crescendo Falls ? Beautiful People, Ugly Town.

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