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Cremaster 4 & 5
Dir. Matthew Barney US/France/UK
Cremaster 4 (US/France/ UK 1995;42m) is a slapstick-adventure-musical, featuring a tap-dancing, de-horned devil-man (Barney). Colorful and mesmerizing, it is a surreal foray into the realms of myth, sex, and contemporary culture.

Cremaster 5 (US 1997;55m) is rich in astonishingly imaginative sequences. A woman performs an opera in an empty theatre, while a man climbs around the edge of the proscenium, as a visually haunting series of events takes place in a pool beneath her.

Official Website: http://www.redvicmoviehouse.com/show.php?pageid=386

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If Matthew Barney's work is "art", I crapped a masterpiece this morning.