1400 Old Hwy 141
Springdale, Missouri

Your first haunted attraction is a tour through the haunted halls of RAVENS MANOR a 6,000 square foot haunted mansion. Professor Raven performed odd experiments on the mansion staff experiments so horrible no one survived. Now enter the mansion filled with the walking dead, and attempt to escape the wrath of Professor Raven. Ravens Mansion is a highly detailed mansion filled with animations, detailed sets, and live actors. Ravens Mansion is now twice as long as last year and features a new section with a massive green house filled with flesh eating plants, and creepy barn. Look out in the barn for the blow torch killer!

Just when you thought you escaped Ravens Manor, you discover deep inside the ruins of the mansion rests the cemetery filled with werewovles, vampires, and flesh eating zombies. The Dominion of the Vampire is an all new attraction with a ghoulish swamp, graveyards, and a vampire castle. When you first enter the Dominion of the Vampire, you step into a horrific graveyard filled with werewolves, and zombies then step onto an eerie swamp that leads you into an old swamp house with the voodo witch! Finally enter the castle itself and prepare to meet the un-dead.

Next you will step on board St. Louis' ONLY haunted hayride 'Tombstone Haunted Hayride' which is ALL NEW in 2009. The entire hayride has been expanded and now features Fort Fear home of the only US Zombie Calvery who are here to serve you for dinner. Watch out for exploding cannon balls, fire balls that reach 50 feet, and giant leeping monsters around every curve! Make sure you are not caught between a live gunfight with undead outlaws!

Tombstone Haunted Hayride is St. Louis' only haunted hayride and its only ONE part of your haunted experience at the all new Creepyworld in Fenton located on highway 141. The Tombstone Haunted Hayride now features more special effects, more live actors, and more frights than ever before.

If you survive the first three haunted attractions PREPARE yourself for THE SCARIEST haunted house in St. Louis…SILO-X. SILO-X features over 30,000 square feet of SHEER terror with 30 live actors, radiated ruins, deranged monsters, flesh eating zombies, razor sharp chainsaws and toxic green gas. Silo-X is also the single largest haunted house in St. Louis and by far rated the scariest. Once you infiltrate the all-new and twice as scary Silo-X make your way through crashed helicopters, toxic tunnels, and the all-new military prison where all the ghastly genetic nightmares have escaped and torn the prison apart.WILL YOU SURVIVE?

Official Website: http://www.scarefest.com/haunted_house_in_stlouis_missouri_creepyworld/home.cfm

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