15 W. Girard Ave
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

FRI 5/27
At the Manhattan Room (15 W. Girard Ave)
Brought to you by PLAIN PARADE.
9:30, 7$, 21+

Creeping Weeds
Energetic and engaging, The Creeping Weeds represent all things great about indie rock. Calling to mind Pavement mixed with a dash of Wilco, a tinge of front porch Americana and a sprig of The Beatles.

Thunderlip (Lucid Records, North Carolina)
Rocknroll mixed with the sound of armadillos rustling in our trousers.

Weird Weeds (Austin, TX)
Hailing from the musical hotbed of Austin, TX, the Weird Weeds fly in the face of any notion of musical convention with their debut release, "Hold Me", exploring vast, uncharted territory where banshee wails and the sounds of creaking doors sit comfortably next to bona fide pop hooks and beautiful chord changes. Picture a group blending the chaos of a Tonic showcase with the understated beauty of the freak folk that's all the rage these days (see: Vetiver, Espers, Devendra Banhart, etc.) or a Storm & Stress less hell-bent on deconstruction, and you'll be on the right track. (Tinymixtapes)

Castanets (Asthmatic Kitty, San Diego, rated 8.5 on Pitchfork!!)
San Diego's Castanets, whose non-CDR debut has just been released by the Asthmatic Kitty imprint, express a similar fascination with swamp-culture, and the contemporary repercussions of age-old traditions. Nodding briefly to Six Organs of Admittance and the No-Neck Blues Band, the band leers large at American country's longstanding definitions: For Castanets, country music should sound like death, and more specifically, death-by-murky-submersion. (Pitchforkmedia.com)

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