2450 Broadway at Cloverfield Blvd
Santa Monica, California 90404

Jim Bumgardner cowrote Flickr Hacks for O'Reilly, and teaches advanced Flash classes at Art Center, in Pasadena. Jim is a senior technical Yahoo! at Yahoo! Music and the creative mind behind CoverPop.com and KrazyDad.com. An expert in graphics and music software, Jim explores innovative and graphically novel interface ideas using Flash, Perl, PHP and other tools.

Creative Talks presents outstanding designers and artists, addressing current creative issues, processes and methods. It's a forum for Los Angeles area designers to meet, get inspired, and learn from each other.

Snacks, beverages, and socializing starts at 6:30pm. The talk starts at 7:00pm.

Creative Talks is free and open to the public, but please RSVP (so we can make building security happy and make sure that everybody gets a seat and parking). Please select "I'm attending" to the right if you want to join in the fun.

Official Website: http://upcoming.yahoo.com/group/3049/

Added by jensjonason on May 9, 2007



Thanks for inviting me - I just signed up for a Flash class at Otis.


I saw Jim present at the Gel conference... He's awesome!


I can't believe the photos are already up! I just got home!
This was fascinating and I know so many people who would have loved THIS talk. I know the next one will be great too!
jbum - can you put a synopsis or outline of what you talked about with photos somewhere for me to share with others? I really do think you could sell tickets to these shows!
Thanks again - your card trick assistant - Marianne


Great presentation! Wasn't sure what to expect going in, but I was pleasantly surprised. Looking forward to the next forum.

Thanks to the facilitators, Jim, and Yahoo.


Thanks again to everyone who made it out to the talk and helped make our inaugural meeting a success! This is what excites me about events like these... the intersection of online communities and the real world, where you can actually shake someone's hand and say, "howdy".

The best way to stay in the loop for upcoming Creative Talks is to join the Creative Talks group. http://upcoming.yahoo.com/group/3049/

Again, it was nice meeting so many members of the design/engineering community and look forward to seeing you again.


Marianne - here you go:


Direct link:


EMayoh - the pictures came out great!


Thanks to Joe Negro for a bunch of new pics!


great work guys!