1337 Mission St
San Francisco, California 94103

Please join us on Wednesday, July 12, from 6-9pm (don't worry if you're late; there will be stuff happening all night) at Shine, (1337 Mission Street between 9th and 10th Streets). Note: Since Shine is a bar, this month's Salon is only open to people who are 21 and older.

CC Salon is a free, casual monthly get-together focused on conversation, networking, and presentations from people or groups who are developing projects that relate to Creative Commons licensing, content, and tools. Please invite your friends, colleagues, and anyone you know who might be interested in drinks and discussion.

This month's line-up:

Chris Hughes and Jeff Hammerbacher from Facebook, the largest social networking site on college campuses, are presenting an overview of the project and how it ties in with CC.

Derek Slater and Jason Schultz from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) are presenting the "Corruptibles" animation and will discuss current happenings with copyright in Congress.

Max Schorr of GOOD Magazine will discuss the the publication's launch, its innovative subscription strategy (whereby 100% of GOOD's charter subscription revenue will be given to organizations whose missions are in line with the publication's. In other words, subscribe to GOOD, choose Creative Commons as the nonprofit you want to support, and your entire one-year subscription fee of $20 will be given to CC.)

We are going to try something new and will be featuring "OpenSalon" -- an open mic where the community is invited to give short (five minutes or less) presentations. Please post a comment on this event listing page if you are interested in this chance to demo your new project, play your new remix, get feedback from the community, or shamelessly plug your upcoming event (if it relates to CC, of course!).

Finally, if we have time, we'll screen the new Creative Commons licensed open source film, Elephants Dream.

Official Website: http://www.creativecommons.org/salon

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I'd love to attend this event, but it's always immediately after work at a place which has no food. Dudes. 8-11pm or even 7-10pm with no food is fine, but 6-9pm? What are you thinking?


Heya, there is some good food near the venue. However, please come before or after you get some food if that doesn't interest you...


Creative Commons Salon, SF, Wed July 12, 6-9 PM @ shinesf.com

Join us for the July CC Salon, taking place in San Francisco on Wednesday, July 12 from 6pm-9pm at Shine. CC Salon is a casual get-together focused on conversation and community-building with 2-3 brief presentations from individuals and groups developing projects with relationship to Creative Commons. We look forward to seeing you there!

CC Salon – San Francisco http://www.creativecommons.org/salon Wednesday, May 10 6-9 PM Shine (http://shinesf.com/) 1337 Mission Street (between 9th and 10th) San Francisco

This Salon Features

Facebook (www.facebook.com), the largest social networking site on college campuses, will be presented by Chris Hughes and Jeff Hammerbacher

Derek Slater + Jason Schultz from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF, www.eff.org) are presenting the "Corruptibles" Animation and discussing currently what is happening with copyright in Washington

The Creative Commons licensed (BY 2.5) Open Source Movie, Elephants Dream will be screened and discussed.

Also, there will be OpenSalon time for 4-5 quick 5 minute presentations in rapid fire.


Can we bring food in?


almost positive that bringing food in isn't a problem! but we'll ask to make absolutely sure.


I wonder if we can get catering :)


Shine don't seem to mind outside food; and the AllStar Cafe, next door, isn't too bad for a cheap bite.


If there's still space in the "Rapid Fire" section of the evening, I'd like to give a 5m showing of Magnatune.

Will there be a net connected laptop I can use, or should I bring my own?



Yes, that would be great!


can I get an answer to this:
"Will there be a net connected laptop I can use, or should I bring my own?"


Yes, there will be a laptop with net connection.


The street number is is 1337 !


like totally, cb! I was waiting for someone to notice that.