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Are you a writer, musician, film maker or visual artist? Or maybe you work as a manager, promoter, or executive in the music, publishing, film/TV or visual arts industries?

Whether you are creative, a creative entrepreneur, or working at any level in the creative industries, you’ll undoubtedly have seen, or experienced, how the internet is ‘changing everything’. You’ll probably have heard that the web is killing culture and your industry along with it. But the internet creates exciting new ways to distribute and promote creative works and should be seen by the creative industries as an opportunity rather than a threat.

Free culture - giving versions of creative works away, and even allowing others to copy, distribute, sample or create derivative works from them - is at the heart of these new opportunities. This approach seems alien to many in the creative world who assume that free culture cannot generate income, but a freer attitude to cultural distribution will help you connect with a new audience, to develop a more engaged audience and even to make new business connections.

The Creative Business in the Digital Era seminar will help you understand the opportunities presented by open IP (intellectual property) and how being open should be a central part of your creative business model.

The project is being prepared openly, under a Creative Commons licence, on the Creative Business wiki.

== Who should come? ==
This seminar is aimed at people interested in doing business in the open environment presented by rapidly developing networked communications. You could be a C-level executive or an independent creator, or anyone in between, from any size of company:

- C-level executives, independents, freelances, entrepreneurs, corporates, SMEs
- Musicians, record labels, music publishing companies
- Writers, journalists, publishers
- Film makers, production companies, broadcasters
- Visual artists, photographers, artists, illustrators and designers

== When and where is it ?==
The Creative Business in the Digital Era seminar will be delivered as a single full-day course, and as an evening course repeated on two days:

Day Course: 17 March 08, 9.00am to 5.30pm
Evening Course: 18 March 08, 6.00pm to 9.00pm
Evening Course: 19 March 08, 6.00pm to 9.00pm

All courses will be held at 01zero-one in central London.

== Cost ==
This is a subsidised course and is free to attendees. Refreshments and lunch will be provided at the day course; and drinks and nibbles will be available at both evening courses.

For further details and to download an application form:

Official Website: http://www.openrightsgroup.org/creativebusiness/blog/

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