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oday, Web pages are limited in functionality compared to most desktop applications. AJAX helps to create a user experience on the web that is similar to that on the desktop by making web applications more interactive and functional. AJAX marries the graphical user interface of desktops computers with the benefits of the web.

By blurring the lines between desktop and web applications, AJAX is providing new ways to deliver products and services and is creating a new bread of companies that are challenging the stronghold of establish giants.

As web users become more confident with the medium, so do their expectations of it. Users are demanding constant access to their applications from any location and AJAX is destined to be a key part of future web applications.

This event will focus on the technology and business value to consumers, corporations and investors. Join us for this special presentation!

Scott Isaacs, Architect, Microsoft Windows Live

Online registration for members $5 and non-members $10. On-site registration for members $10 and non-members $15.

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