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Is it really possible to have your website grow your business? (Is there a way to create a website that actually brings in business, while avoiding strong-arm tactics?)

If you do have a website, it's probably sitting there, looking pretty. You've put your heart into having your site really reflect who you are...so where are the customers?

Or maybe you've been putting off creating a website in the first place. It seems as if there are so many decisions to make: what it needs to look like, what to write on which web page. How do you figure it all out?

And, will it really open the door to new business? Is all that trouble really worth it? When you look around the internet, it seems as if the only websites that bring in paying customers are full of hype or else they look kind of antiseptic and corporate.

The big question: how do you create a website that is authentic to you, and still opens the door to new business?

Topics we'll cover in this CubeSpace Lunch & Learn:

* What in the heck does go on your business' home page?
* What are the basic eight pages every website needs, whether you are a blog or a more traditional website?
* The true purpose of a website, and how it fits into your business.
* The Three Journeys of Marketing, and the purpose of the website in each one.

About the presenter: Mark Silver from Heart of Business Inc. has been helping hundreds of his clients bring their businesses online. The author of the learning program "Creating Heart-Centered Websites," Mark's website is responsible for bringing in a five-figure income each and every month, while helping to create a loyal, passionate following.

Added by Eva Schweber on November 14, 2007

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